Oh, l’Italia!

La pasta, la pizza, il vino, il gelato, il pesce, la carne. Taste Feel Enjoy.


The thinking behind Primo Mercato was simple – to share our love for Italian food.

At Primo Mercato, shopping and dining are positive interactions that bring people together and open the channels of communication

Primo Mercato is designed as a fluid concept that allows guests to enjoy their own culinary experience by facilitating seamless movement between the market, 5 artisan food counters, 3 artisan food labs, and 2 restaurants.

Produced by hand and cooked in front of you.


Exploring Primo Mercato

How does it works


Choose your favourite dishes at any station. Everything will be fresh and prepared on the spot. Eat with us or take away!


At any station, you can order and pay for items prepared at any other station as well. If a cash register is closed, a sign will indicate the closest one to order and pay.


Sit comfortably anywhere in the Mercato at no extra cost!

Our food experience


Handmade pasta, freshly butchered meats and Italian cured meats, salmon bar & premium seafood, mozzarella bar & other gourmet cheeses, salad bar, fresh baked deli products.

Osteria Primo Mercato.

A 100 seat restaurant with a refined and seasonal gourmet menu. Ideal for special celebrations and business lunches & dinners. Many menu items will be prepared on state-of-the-art Josper Charcoal Oven for optimal grilling. Special dishes prepared in “Coccio” (terracotta) will also be featured.

Primo Caffè.

  • Bakery All breads and pastries baked fresh on location. Pizza al Taglio (rectangular pizza by the slice). Gourmet hot and cold sandwiches.
  • Caffeteria All the typical products of the Italian “Caffè”: Cappuccino, Espresso & other specialties.
  • Sweets Freshly baked Italian pastries, chocolate fountain, and gelato all prepared on-site.

Pizza & Grill.

A Neapolitan inspired pizzeria with 80 seats. Pizza prepared in two exposed ovens. A dedicated Kitchen integrates the menu with Salads, Burgers, Soups and Seasonal products. Perfect for informal gatherings and more casual celebrations.


Market Retail grocery space with a selection of Premium selected products from Italy and International markets.

Primo Bar.

The perfect spot for enjoying a wide selection of cocktails & juices and for having an aperitivo with friends.


Cucina Italiana

Osteria da Primo proudly takes our guests on an extraordinary gastronomic journey through Italian food history. Drawing on the rich, unique culinary traditions of every region of Italy, Osteria da Primo’s carefully curated menu showcases the very best of authentic Italian cuisine.

From our signature dishes to seasonal specialties, superb ingredients shine through in simple, traditional and time-honoured recipes, just as you would find in Italy. Exquisite handmade pastas will delight your eyes and your palate, and you’ll taste the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients in all of our dishes.

To accompany the excellent food, our wine selection represents the depth and quality that every region of Italy offers, as well as some of the best wines from all over the world. Expertly crafted regional specialties prepared and served with passion, together with outstanding wines, will transport you from Short Hills into a culture, traditions and fine dining experience that are blissfully, utterly Italian. 

Our wine selection

Italy is a kaleidoscopic country,  full of different flavors and tastes breathtaking landscapes, different way of living  and numerous dialects.

The unique quality of this country, is the variety of different native grape varieties that are grown there: in the mid-2018, the national registry of grape varieties cataloged 517 winegrapes growing in Italy.

We hope this wine list will deliver the authentic character of each Region,  and allow you not only to smell or taste the different varieties, but also to discover the unique terroir the wine is coming from.


At our Pizzeria & Grill, all of our traditional pizzas are handmade with fresh, top-quality ingredients.

We use only the finest products to create our delicious, all-natural Neapolitan-style personal pizzas and Roman-style “alla pala” (crispy base, soft interior) pizzas. The dough is crafted from a blend of artisanal Italian and American white and whole wheat flours, then left to rise for a full 36 hours, resulting in a crust that is light, fluffy and full of flavour.

The union of the best tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil brings Italian excellence right here to the heart of Short Hills. It’ll be love at first bite!

And we offer much more than pizzas. From salads, bruschetta and sandwiches to hearty lasagna, beef tagliata and burgers, there’s something for everyone. Just turn the page to discover more!


Our Deli and Take Away

Primo Mercato  offers you a chance to enjoy our exceptional quality food produced with a lot of care and love. In our restaurants or for you to take home. If you can’t find what you want please get in touch and we will do our best to fulfil your needs


Primo Mercato offers the highest standard of catering. Please ask for more information!

Where Italian taste happens.

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